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Hurricane Katrina Donations People are in need of your help. Please help the victims of Hurricane Katrina by giving:

Red Cross

Habitat for Humanity
Network for Good
USA Freedom Corps
Operation USA
Americas Second Harvest
United Way of Greater New Orleans
Catholic Charities

United Jewish Communities

ICNA Relief
Islamic Relief


CHARITY FOLKS is hosting an online celebrity auction organized by
Morgan Freeman.  100% of the money raised, minus credit card fees, will benefit The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. If you are unable to send money, be creative. Consider donating blood, call your friends and ask them to donate or offer up an item of value to contribute to the charity auction. Every little bit counts.



Community Voice Mail is a simple and effective solution to a complex problem -- how to help people in crisis and transition stay connected to the very tool they need most: a constant telephone number.

Community Voice Mail will deploy an initial 20,000 voicemail numbers to victims of Hurricane Katrina victims displaced in: Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, Memphis and Atlanta. A total of 80,000 personal voicemail boxes will be deployed in the coming
weeks. Although there is no time limit on the free service, it is expected that on
average, individual mailbox numbers will remain active for about six months. Learn more


1. Which fictional character has a weekly allowance of $100,000?

a. The Fresh Prince of Bel-air
b.  Ritchie Rich
c.  Veronica Lodge
d.  Kelly on "Beverly Hills 90210"

2. Which of the following sodas has been around the longest?

a. Pepsi-Cola
b. Coca-Cola
c. 7-Up
d.  Dr Pepper

3. What was the character Hawkeye’s real name in the show M*A*S*H (played by Alan Alda)?

a. John Fitzgerald Fitzsimmons
b. Stephen Michael Jones
c. Thomas Jefferson Wilson
d. Benjamin Franklin Pierce

4. Who did George Orwell warn us about in his book “1984”?

a. Television
b. Politicians
c. Technology
d. Big Brother

Answers to Pop Quiz below.


In a poll by CNN of 4,596 people were asked:

Would you like to see short films played before a feature length movie at a multiplex?

67% - Responded Yes, that would be cool

33% - No


Voices of Hope is interested in hearing your voice. Our projects and programs speak to such issues as public education, volunteering, advocacy, media literacy, civic pride and engagement, youth, sex, substance abuse, violence, policy, learning, love, and life in America. Please share your thoughts, opinions and experiences. We make films that deal with issues, ideas
and change and believe that collaboratively we can all spread a little HOPE.

1. b
2. d
3. d
4. d




With Katrina in the news now, we are bombarded with stories told every which way. No wonder the nation's confidence in journalism has come to a new low. Everyone is pointing fingers at someone. It's hard to know which way to turn for a version of the news that seems accurate and believable. Take your pick, you can find information about Katrina coming at you from everywhere. The usual suspects: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN. Then there are blogs, listservs and emails from friends. Voices are competing to tell stories, give facts, historical data and competing views about the disaster, from Texas to Germany. Add friends, family and colleagues to the dialogue and you may or may not be any closer to what is really happening. At least that's the way it feels—the first week or two into this 'newsworthy' disaster.

There's a paradigm shift happening right in front of us and we are all a part of it—the new storyteller society. If you're tired of watching the news on TV, reading it in the newspaper or listening on the radio, take heed. More news, more ideas, more images and more video will be accessible—even faster.

In a report released in April 2024 by The Media Center, they describe the paradigm shift, "A new wave of digital technologies and web services will enable a generation of savvy storytellers. They will create content and transact commerce through immersive experiences that make a newspaper look like a sunken relic. More content will be available in more formats than ever. It will be created, edited, distributed and shared by consumers. Anyone can find what they want, then act on it. A small sample of what’s ahead:

• A visual Internet, accessible on many devices, in which stories unfold in a video so real that consumers believe they are there.

• Voluntary ads, each relative to a consumer’s wishes and desires, delivered at desired times through all forms of communication.

• Personal news networks in which skilled editors, producers and content
managers deploy multi-media to inform each other.

• 400 million digital cameras by 2024, many embedded in mobile communications devices, capturing and delivering life as it occurs.

• Pervasive media -- media everywhere -- with a dazzling array of mobile applications for transactions, environmental sensing, wireless transmitting, and personal information management of records, music, photos, research and data."

Our media/technology future is here now. As consumers, we need to lose the misconception that media is "just entertainment" and get to a place where we deconstruct the stories, images, buzz and information distributed to us daily to make thoughtful, well-informed media-truths defined by our own methodologies, and not those just thrown at us by media and product dramatists to consume in warp-speed.


>>>>ON MEDIA >>>> 5 VOICES

Book: First Book mission is to provide children from low-income families with the opportunity to read and own their first new books. First Book's goal is not just to fight illiteracy, but to end it. A book is a powerful tool in a child's hands. Researchers have concluded that the number of books in a child's home is the most critical indicator in determining whether that child becomes a reader. Yet more than two-thirds of children living in poverty do not have a single book in their homes. First Book's innovative network brings books to children in over 3,000 communities.
Website: HappyNews.com - Happy News is a web site that is focused on reporting only positive news—Real news. Compelling Stories. Always positive. They believe virtue, goodwill and heroism are hot news. That's why they bring you up-to-the-minute news, geared to lift spirits and inspire lives. Add in a diverse team of Citizen Journalists reporting positive stories from around the world, and you've got one happy place for news.

Audio: Cynopsis: In Your Ear is a new audio version - or podcast version - of Cynopsis. Cynopsis: In Your Ear contains all of the editorial as the email edition, minus charts, print advertisements, answer to yesterday's trivia question, the classified ads or the primetime listings. By subscribing to the Cynopsis podcast, you will continue to receive the regular email, so you don't have to miss a thing.

Broadband for 2 year olds?
TV: Go Diego Go! a half-hour animated show staring Dora the Explorer's cousin, Diego Marquez. Diego is an 8-year-old action-adventure hero who loves nature and animals. In each episode, Diego's mission is to help rescue an animal in trouble. Using observation skills and scientific tools like computers, a field journal, and cameras--and with help from young viewers at home--Diego succeeds in his goal while introducing kids to information about each animal's sound, movement, habitat, diet, family, and physical characteristics. Nick Jr. gives parents a sneak preview video of upcoming TV shows for tots. More

Magazine: The Sun Magazine - If you haven't heard of The Sun magazine, you're not alone. Readers who think they've discovered a remarkable new publication are often surprised to find out they've been in existence more than twenty-five years. Unfortunately, you're not likely to find The Sun at your regular newsstand. Many distributors won't carry it because it's not "commercial" enough: there's no advertising; they regularly print pieces that are too risky, too personal, too sad, too something. Yet somehow the magazine finds its way into the right hands; readers who appreciate writing that doesn't talk down to them or up to them, but meets their level gaze. The Sun isn't "literary" or "political" or "spiritual" in the usual sense. It begins where those labels end, which is where life gets interesting.



Saturday, October 8, 2024 | Loving Your Kids - Can it Keep them Safe? - Conference presented by PEI Kids and the Mercer County Act Coalition. Hosted by Rider University. Keynote speaker Barbara Coloroso internationally recognized author, of parenting, teaching, school discipline, and nonviolent conflict resolution will present to parents and caregivers “Kids Are Worth It!” Voices of Hope Productions will present a workshop on the influence of violence in the media - TV, Movies, Ads, Video & Computer Games – What do our kids take from what they watch and play? Pick up practical tips and more as the influence of violence in media and its effects are explored. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m., keynote address at 9:00 a.m. and the conference will conclude at 1:30 p.m.  Lunch and continental breakfast will be offered.  $15 registration fee.  For additional information please contact the event coordinator at 609- 649-2613 More Information | Register

Friday, October 14, 2024 | The Red Bank International Film Festival | Emerging Filmmakers Series. Voices of Hope Productions will hold a two hour Media Education Workshop, 'Analyze This!: Socio-Political Messages in the Media.' Bring your classes to discuss the socio-political issues that face today’s youth. We will critically analyze socially-relevant short films, some youth created, and some critically acclaimed. We will deconstruct television commercials, radio podcasts, and discuss journalism and the internet. Voices of Hope Productions will lead a discussion and engage students about their opinions on the social issues posed and issues they see in their own communities. Dialogue will be encouraged among all participants through media education exercises.

The 2 hour workshop will address the following Core Curriculum Standards:

Social Studies 6.2 Civics Language Arts Literacy 3.1 Reading Language Arts Literacy 3.3 Speaking Language Arts Literacy 3.4 Listening Language Arts Literacy 3.5 Viewing and Media Literacy


Seating is limited
Workshop will be held at the Clearview, Red Bank Art Cinema, 36 White Street, Red Bank, NJ, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM. $5 per student. Transportation not included. Bring brown bag lunches to be enjoyed in the Red Bank Marine Park by the beautiful Navasink River, a short walking distance from the theatre. Please contact Voices of Hope today to schedule your school for this important workshop. Phone 201.320.4920 or 908.500.6925.
More Information

More about Voices of Hope events

Friends of Addiction Recovery - New Jersey will be hosting their annual 2024 Recovery Walk on September 25. The Walk is a celebration of recovery for those in recovery, their family members, friends and other allies, as well as a symbol that addiction recovery, can and does happen. Entertainment for the day includes keynote speaker Steve Ford, son of President Gerald Ford and Betty Ford, spoken word performances, interactive drumming sessions, live music and free T-shirts for the first 1500 attendees. No admission charge.

The Corporate Giving Standard (CGS) survey is administered annually by The Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) and consists of 27 questions that capture the totality of corporate giving, including: cash and non-cash contributions, probono services, volunteerism, matching of employee giving, and management & program costs. Begun in 2024, companies complete the survey online, thereby creating an unmatched data repository of giving. By entering their company’s corporate giving data, which is kept confidential, subscribers gain access to customizable, on-demand reports that enable them to:
• Track trends in their company’s giving from one year to the next.
• Instantly benchmark against a relevant, self-selected peer group.
• Communicate the scope and accomplishments of their giving internally and externally.


Abbey Klaassen | AdAge - Two niche cable networks are finding marketing bucks in one of advertising’s hottest trends: turning the advertiser into content producer. In the past two years Independent Film Channel has doubled its advertising take to $10 million by blurring the line between commercial spots and short, subtly branded films for Target, Heineken and Acura. Earlier this year, Sundance Channel helped Bacardi’s Grey Goose launch Grey Goose Entertainment, a production company whose first co-production with Sundance is the November-premiering Iconoclasts. For the two networks -- Sundance, a premium channel along the lines of Showtime or HBO, and IFC, a basic cabler in 35 million homes -- the key is leveraging their expertise and contacts in TV and film production for marketers whose main business is pushing product. <<Read Article>>

Victoria Harper | truthout | Perspective - The toddlers were at the pizza parlor to celebrate Kristina's 3rd birthday. A dozen youngsters jumped and clapped their hands as a giant rat, Chuck E. Cheese, came out to greet them. The Iraq War was far from my mind.

If you have never been to Chuck E. Cheese, it is a mix of carnival and play park, with so-so pizza, lots of video games, coin operated kiddie rides, and arcade games like ski ball. The place is designed for 2- to 10-year-olds, with occasional adults playing the games. There is even a designated play area for babies. I was escorting 4 little boys for the evening, to free their parents for a night out without the children.
<<Read Story >>

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