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Voices of Hope Productions works with educators, students, parents and caregivers to help students discuss history, government and politics and learn to contribute to national, state and local decision-making. Students will also develop an active awareness and commitment to the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, a tolerance for those with whom they disagree, and an understanding of the greater world.
Historically, education has focused on subjects or topics — in today's vernacular, content. However, the process of learning, of processing information, is what media literacy education is all about. Voices of Hope Productions offers a variety of workshops and in-service opportunities that include a framework and foundation for media literacy that overviews the core concepts and key questions that underpin the skills of accessing, analyzing, evaluating and creating media.

Professional Development Services
Some organizations, such as school districts or museums, have a cadre of trainers who provide professional development programs or institutes for teachers. For those who wish to incorporate a media literacy approach using Voices of Hope Productions media literacy framework and the resources in conjunction with their own program offerings, Voices of Hope Productions provides a foundation building program. Voices of Hope Productions structures these relationships according to the needs of the educational facility. For more information, info@voicesofhope.tv

Youth and Educator Workshops, Topical Seminars and Events
Voices of Hope Productions organizes and collaborates with other organizations to present stimulating and engaging multi-media, topical workshops, seminars or other events for classroom teachers as well as religious educators, youth leaders, after-school coordinators and other community-based educators.


Analyze This! Message in the Media: A Critical Analysis of Super Bowl Ads
Lowering the Volume on Violence in the Media
“Reading” Motion Pictures 101
Simply the Simpsons
Documentary Video Production; Using a Video Camera in the Classroom
Mastering the Media for Classroom Educators
Race and Gender
Violence and Bullying
Youth Drinking and Addiction
Sexual Attitudes and Behavior
Civic Engagement

Voices of Hope Productions’ seminars and events help educators tune in to current concerns and pick up helpful tips and tactics. Some events are designed to showcase visiting leaders, authors and scholars in the field or to introduce new resource materials.

Previous programs Voices of Hope Productions has organized include:

Friday, October 14, 2024 | The Red Bank International Film Festival | Emerging Filmmakers Series. Voices of Hope Productions will hold a two hour Media Education Workshop, 'Analyze This!: Socio-Political Messages in the Media.' Bring your classes to discuss the socio-political issues that face today’s youth. We will critically analyze socially-relevant short films, some youth created, and some critically acclaimed. We will deconstruct television commercials, radio podcasts, and discuss journalism and the internet. Voices of Hope Productions will lead a discussion, engage students about their opinions on the social issues posed and issues they see in their own communities, encouraging dailogue among all participants.

The 2 hour workshop will address the following Core Curriculum Standards:

Social Studies 6.2 Civics Language Arts Literacy 3.1 Reading Language Arts Literacy 3.3 Speaking Language Arts Literacy 3.4 Listening Language Arts Literacy 3.5 Viewing and Media Literacy

Saturday, October 8, 2024 | Loving Your Kids - Can it Keep them Safe? - Conference presented by PEI Kids and the Mercer County Act Coalition. Hosted by Rider University. Keynote speaker Barbara Coloroso internationally recognized author, of parenting, teaching, school discipline, and nonviolent conflict resolution will present to parents and caregivers “Kids Are Worth It!” Voices of Hope Productions will present a workshop on the influence of violence in the media - TV, Movies, Ads, Video & Computer Games – What do our kids take from what they watch and play? Pick up practical tips and more as the influence of violence in media and its effects are explored.
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Saturday, September 10, 2024
| Black Box of Asbury Park | Women's Arts Festival - The 3rd annual 'Outside The Box Woman's Arts Festival returns in September. The festival presents new and established Women Artists of all artistic genres & backgrounds in a diverse array of professional performance & educational programs. Free and ticketed events which feature local New Jersey artists and visiting guest artists include Visual Arts, Music, Stage Productions, Poetry, Film and Workshops. Voices of Hope Productions will present Analyze This!: Women's Messages in the Media. Tickets $8. More information

March 2024 | 2024 Teen Arts Festival | A breakout group held in collaboration with the Freedom Film Festival. Students discussed and analyzed the choices, decisions, and ultimate results of youth created media.

April 2024 | Voorhees High School | An in-service event for teachers, focused on the core principles of media literacy and its multi-disciplinary application.

Voices of Hope Workshops Address Core Curriculum Standards:

Social Studies 6.2 Civics: Civic Life, Politics, and Government • American Values and Principles • The Constitution and American Democracy • Citizenship • International Education: Global Challenges, Cultures, and Connections

Language Arts Literacy 3.1 Reading: • Concepts About Print • Decoding and Word Recognition • Fluency • E. Reading Strategies (before, during, and after reading) • Vocabulary and Concept Development • Comprehension Skills and Response to Text • Inquiry and Research

Language Arts Literacy 3.3 Speaking: Discussion • Questioning (Inquiry) and Contributing • Word Choice • Oral Presentation

Language Arts Literacy 3.4 Listening: Active Listening • Listening Comprehension

Language Arts Literacy 3.5 Viewing and Media Literacy: Constructing Meaning • Visual and Verbal Messages • Living with Media

Aesthetics of photographic language and history, and a simple methodology for reading media critically — are
at the heart of all Voices of Hope Productions programs. By offering workshops for youth, professional development experiences for educators, and by working with community partners to develop in-depth outreach projects, Voices of Hope Productions works to democratize the media, empowering its constituents with a voice. We teach both educators and students to critically analyze media arts in its context: in relationship to world, US and local history. The founders of Voices of Hope Productions are media makers, and artists and have first-hand experience with the all types of media: video, photographic, written, print, radio, and Internet.

Advance notification of events will be sent by e-mail to those who are current subscribers to the |The Eye| the Voices of Hope Productions e-newsletter. To subscribe please email info@voicesofhope.tv with “Subscribe The Eye” in the subject.

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