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“You shouldn’t have to wait until you go to college to learn how to critically analyze the media. You should be able to start learning that in fourth grade, or seventh grade, or tenth grade.”
Renee Hobbs

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~Voices of Hope Launches Film Production Company Web Site ~
Founded to Help Non Profit and Educational Organizations
Develop a Visible Voice
Voices of Hope Productions, LLC, a women-owned film production company located in New Jersey has officially launched its company web site. Voices of Hope is focused on telling the untold story; the story of the average citizen who champions a cause, who offers hope and help to others with the most valuable return: the satisfaction of making a difference in another person’s life. Our community projects and programs speak to such issues as media literacy education, civic pride and engagement, youth, sex, substance abuse, violence, learning, love, and life in America.

We make films that deal with issues, ideas and change. We show the people behind the organizations and community projects; the staff, the volunteers, the events, the proud citizens—real-life stories developed into larger-than-life documentaries. A Voices of Hope production also captures personal and community conflict, raising issue awareness and offering solutions.

Voices of Hope takes projects from concept to post-production by combining traditional print and marketing, electronic, e-marketing initiatives and grassroots advocacy outreach tools with engaging videos. The resulting short documentaries are used for teaching and fundraising by organizations, educational institutions, community groups and individuals. Our short and full-length videos are screened at local venues, conferences, non-profit organizations, schools, workshops, corporations, film festivals and distributed online in streaming video and through grassroots outreach campaigns.

Partner with Voices of Hope to develop documentary video stories, host educational training and workshops for youth and educators, to market your message, and to advocate for your cause. You can be assured we will work with you to raise awareness of your organization, and build resources to continue bringing about lasting, positive changes within our society—one film story at a time.

Films in Pre-Production, Production or Post Production

Policymakers, addiction professionals, private citizens and people in recovery were interviewed for the short documentary film Together There's Nothing We Can't Change. The film was produced for the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-NJ and follows an Advocacy Day rally held at the New Jersey State House. The film takes the viewer through the how, what, when, and why of communicating with legislators often and locally about important policy issues. The DVD will be available this summer for screenings in your community.

Analyze This: Message in the Media is a Voices of Hope Documentary Production About
U.S. Society's

Relationship with our
Media Rich Culture

The most significant development of the last decade has been the growing role and importance of electronic media, particularly TV and the Internet for young people and adults alike. Through the documentary production, Analyze This: Message in the Media; educators, teens, and leading authorities comment (see interviews below) on society's love/hate relationship with the media, as well as, the broad access of information available as a result of political, economic and technological developments. This film, slated to be completed in Fall 2006, takes on teen use of games, parental roles and the benefits of media education as a tool to learning in our media-rich society. If you are interested in particpating or supporting the film, please contact [email protected]

Look for the trailer, available in streaming video, this summer.

Voices of Hope Interviews

Renee Hobbs is one of the leading authorities on media literacy education. She is an Associate Professor of Communications and Director of the Media Education Lab at Temple University. Renee is also the co-founder of the Alliance for a Media Literate America and co-directs the PhD. program in Mass Media and Communication. Renee participated in the Voices of Hope production, Analyze This: Message in the Media and revealed her thoughts about Media Literacy, her expectations of the future of a media literate America, and her experiences teaching media literacy to both teen and college students. A synopsis of our interview with her will be included in the next issue of |THE EYE|.  

Renee Hobbs, leading authority on media literacy education.

Chris Turner's book, Planet Simpson
Chris Turner, author of Planet Simpson, was also interviewed for Analyze This: Message in the Media. Voices of Hope asked for his thoughts on the use of the Simpson's TV show within the classroom environment. Using the popular television show as a window on the pop culture at large, Planet Simpson critiques western culture from the mid-1990s to the present.  Mr. Turner's writing has also been published regularly in Time, The Globe and Mail, and National Post Business magazine. Mr. Turner’s interview will also be included in
Analyze This: Message in the Media

Workshops ~ Voices of Hope Media Literacy, Teen Projects & Faculty Professional Development Workshops

Integrating Media Literacy
into the Classroom

Voorhees High School, Glen Gardener, NJ

Through screening of commercials, print ads and music videos, faculty learned and discussed innovative ways to integrate media literacy into their daily curriculum. Participating educators were also interviewed regarding their best practices, as well as, their perception of the use of media education in the classroom. Workshop conducted by Ella Rue.

Commericals, music videos, and print advertising were discussed at a Voorhees High School workshop conducted by Ella Rue on media literacy education in the classroom.

Freedom Film Society screened winning youth media from their international
film festival

Lori McDaniel interviews Teens at Monmouth County Teen Arts Festival

Voices of Hope Conducted Workshops and Worked with Teens to Film Event at the Monmouth County Teen Arts Festival, Brookdale Community College, Lincroft NJ

The Monmouth County Teen Arts Festival organized by the Monmouth County Arts Council held a two-day event open to all Monmouth County teenage students ages 13-19 in public and private middle and high schools students. The Festival brought together teens and teachers involved in all disciplines of the arts to participate in workshops, performances, exhibits and critiques of their work. Lori McDaniel of Voices of Hope worked with teens to film the festival and held a workshop on The Art of Self-Promotion and Ella Rue worked collaboratively with the Freedom Film Society by deconstructing student-created films entered into the Red Bank International Film Festival. For the Teen Video Project, attendees were interviewed about their experience working and learning from professional artists, as well as their participation in the two day event.

Hundreds of Media Activists Attend 2nd NYC Grassroots Media Conference
Hundreds of students, activists, media makers, community workers and artists came together at The New School University for the second annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference (GMC). This year’s conference theme was “forging stronger connections between independent media and communities organizing around issues of justice and equality.” The GMC grew out of public concerns regarding inadequate and irresponsible coverage by mainstream media. New Yorkers will converge this weekend to strategize about how to create a more democratic media — a media that adequately represents the diversity within the NYC community.  Voices of Hope attended and met with a variety of media makers throughout the country.

Early Deadline Approaching for the Red Bank International Film Festival
Late submissions posted by June 1
Festival Dates: October 14, 2005- October 16, 2005 SIMPLY GREAT FILMS. From student filmmakers to industry professionals, from amateurs to veterans, from New Jersey to Korea, RBIFF programs films from diverse sources, based solely on the merits of the work. No matter what your background or experience, if your film is great, RBIFF wants to show it. Many of the films selected for past RBIFF’s have gone on to success at other Festivals; others have won or have been nominated for top awards, such as Academy Awards or Independent Spirit Awards. 732-741-8089

The Monmouth County Arts Council Develops Blueprint for Art and Culture
A new plan to foster the county’s cultural development was unveiled by the Monmouth County Arts Council. The 2005-2010 Monmouth County Cultural Arts Plan establishes a series of objectives and strategies for the MCAC to better facilitate the county-wide development of the arts. The plan, examines different needs and resources for artists, and addresses how the MCAC can better build its visibility and leadership capacities throughout the county. The arts plan projects a five-year turnaround period to see its goals implemented successfully. For more information on the arts plan, visit www.monmouthartscouncil.org.

Voices of Hope Productions
is dedicated to educate and invoke social change through documentary filmmaking and media literacy.

Voices of Hope Productions—Leaving a Legacy within our Lifetime...

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