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Advocate. Support. Endorse. Act.


Advocacy, simply put, is a strategy to influence policy makers when they make laws and regulations, distribute resources, and make other decisions that affect peoples' lives. The principal aim of advocacy is to create policies, reform policies, and ensure policies are implemented. Several advocacy strategies can be used to influence the decisions of policy makers, such as discussing problems directly with them, delivering messages through the media, or strengthening the ability of local organizations to advocate.

Voices of Hope Productions encourages each of us to find our own voice, to make informed decisions, and to advocate for our own personal beliefs and convictions. We believe that people are duty-bound not only to themselves, but also to society, to become impassioned in their convictions, to advocate for truth, justice and equality, and to ensure their voice is heard.

The first step in effective advocacy is Analysis starting with accurate information and in-depth understanding of the problem, the people involved, the policies, the implementation or non-implementation of those policies, the organizations, and the channels of access to influential people and decision-makers.

Strategy - The strategy phase builds on the analysis phase to direct, plan, and focus on specific goals and to position the advocacy effort with clear paths to achieve those goals and objectives.

Mobilization - Events, activities, messages, and materials must be designed with objectives, audiences, partnerships and resources clearly in mind.

Action - Keeping all partners together and persisting in making the case are essential to carrying out advocacy.

Evaluation - A team needs to measure regularly and objectively what has been accomplished and what remains to be done. Articulate long-term goals, keep functional coalitions together and keep data and arguments in tune with changing situations.

Coalition Building
We believe specific leadership roles are almost always present in any successful crusade. Voices of Hope thinks that the right combination of leadership qualities can result in an organization that responds faster, more deliberately, and with more flexibility to its challenges—greatly increasing the likelihood of success. We believe that leaders beget leaders; therefore we strive to collaborate with:

  • Visionaries who elevate the view of the possible
  • Strategists who chart the course, and achieve the attainable
  • States people who further the cause in the minds of both the public and decision-makers
  • Educated experts who possess knowledge to back up the movement's positions & objectives
  • 'Outside Advocates' who fiercely hold those in power accountable
  • 'Inside Advocates' who understand how to decipher power structures, established rules and procedures and turn them to an advantage
  • 'Calculated Communicators' who understands how to direct individual and public passion toward the movement's objectives
  • 'Movement Builders' who infecting others with optimism to stay true to the dedication of the common good

Though some individuals may fill several roles, no one person can fill them all. Voices of Hope is always looking for new, impassioned people to collaborate with.


VISIT THE VOICES OF HOPE BLOG, |THE EYE| to get the latest info on films, events, workshops and all-things media and pop culture with a socio-political point of view.


Partner with Voices of Hope Productions to market your message, develop your documentary video story, or advocate for your cause. You can be assured we will work with you to raise awareness of your organization, and build resources to bring about positive and lasting change-one story at a time.



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"The first thing to keep in mind, is that your objective is not to make a 'TV show' or a 'show' of any kind. You are collecting evidence; you are encouraging witness; you are emboldening ordinary people to 'go public.'"

George Stoney from forward in
Turn on the Power! Using Media for









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