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Voices of Hope Productions welcomes youth and adults with a passion for social issues, media and pop culture, technology, video, media and filmmaking to help tell community and national stories. Join the conversation, be part of the debate and encourage dialogue while participating in democracy and citizenship. The following are some of the ways you can work with our organization:

>Voices of Hope Productions |THE EYE| Contributor
Do you enjoy writing? Do you have a point of view about the topics Voices of Hope Productions covers online and in the monthly eNewsletter |THE EYE|? Voices of Hope Productions is looking for volunteer contributors to cover nonprofit management and communications, grassroots media and advocacy, media and pop culture, and to offer up-to-date commentary on new media technologies. Whether you consider yourself an expert or a citizen journalist, or are just interested in journalism, storytelling, interviewing or creative writing, you can be assured that when you share your thoughts, ideas and expertise— it will be seen and noted.

|THE EYE| is distributed to approximately 7,000 email boxes and growing and is comprised of 2,000 educators and 5,000 individuals interested in nonprofit and media related issues. |THE EYE| is also archived on the Voices of Hope Productions Website. Contributor writers can submit short topic briefs, conduct Q&A interviews or write topical essays. Depending on the length of the submission, contributors may be extended a full page on the Voices of Hope Productions' Web Site. Contributors will be provided with a byline, short bio, photo and a link to their website or contact information. Submissions encouraged from experts, educators, youth and adults.

If you have experience producing or directing commercial or independent films, we encourage you to volunteer as a Voices of Hope Productions Producer. As a Producer, you may hold the joint role of Producer and Director for a Voices of Hope Productions film project. You work closely with an Executive Producer who plans, mentors and reviews the project with both you, the film team and the non-profit organization requesting the film. There are various organizations dealing with different social issues and Voices of Hope Productions will attempt to match volunteers with projects that area good fit with personal interests.

>Film Project Team Member:
Scriptwriting, Camera, Sound, Editing and More…
If you have experience in a specific area of filmmaking (such as scriptwriting, camera operating, sound, editing, etc.) we assign you to a film project that meets your interest, skill level and time availability. The team is virtually assembled and works together typically for the duration of the project. Working on a Voices of Hope Productions film is a great way to expand your filmmaking portfolio and experience the satisfaction of working with nonprofit organizations to help further their cause.

>Team Volunteer
Voices of Hope Productions seeks volunteers to help with internal and external communications, media education presentations, outreach and distribution, fundraising, and Web management for the organization. There are a variety of needs. Please let us know of your area(s) of interest.

>Youth Video Volunteer
Join Voices of Hope Productions as a film team intern and help the crew while learning the art and craft of filmmaking.

>Media Education Volunteer
Join Voices of Hope Productions if you are a teacher or advertising and media expert interested in sharing your expertise in after- school projects and workshops with youth and adults.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email a letter of inquiry with your resume to info@voicesofhope.tv. A Voices of Hope Productions representative will contact you to discuss your interests.

VISIT THE VOICES OF HOPE BLOG, |THE EYE| to get the latest info on films, events, workshops and all-things media and pop culture with a socio-political point of view.


Partner with Voices of Hope Productions to market your message, develop your documentary video story, or advocate for your cause. You can be assured we will work with you to raise awareness of your organization, and build resources to bring about positive and lasting change-one story at a time.



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"The first thing to keep in mind, is that your objective is not to make a 'TV show' or a 'show' of any kind. You are collecting evidence; you are encouraging witness; you are emboldening ordinary people to 'go public.'"

George Stoney from forward in
Turn on the Power! Using Media for









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