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Youth Media | Various Projects

The projects seen here show how youth created collages and poetry to express who they are and what concerns them.

If I Ruled The Neighborhood

by Alexis, Adija, and Lauren

Unfortunate people and drugs would not appear
People wouldn’t need to be on drugs to get welfare
Fear: Comes from anxiety and a movie.Not fear of being shot
Police wouldn’t be arresting people for sitting on their porches
Fighting and disliking would not be an issue
Gangs is something that happens over there
Parents would teach their kids good values
Creating and improving things would become a movement
Temporary is a phase not a job
Neighborhoods would not bow, break to the will of the violent destructive
It would flow and move with the people within
Ruling the neighborhood
Yea I should
Maybe I could
Only if I Ruled The World

The Green Monster - MoneyMoney: The Green Monster

Strong Leadership and Influence, by Jade

Environmentology-Max Action

The Good Life, by Marcus

If I Ruled the Neighborhood

by Felix, Chino, Marcus, Reggie, and Mat

If I ruled the neighborhood there would be a Damn good living
There would be no violence, no fighting, no killing, no blood spilling
There would be no Gangs in the streets
No guns firing, and no war beats
Everybody would be rich as Hell
There would be legal things to sell
They say no to love and say yes to hate
These people will not discriminate