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Re-Entry Film Series

The American Friends Service Committee and Voices of Hope Productions joined forces to support, through the medium of film, community groups and policy organizations devoted to men and women returning home after incarceration. These three films are the result. A Failed System was a labor of love by Voices of Hope. No Where to Go and Healing Justice: Transformed Lives were made with the support of the New Jersey Institute For Social Justice, Integrity House, and Women Who Never Give Up, Inc. with funding from the New Jersey State Office of Faith-Based initiatives. American Friends Service Committee and Voices of Hope Productions encourages you and your organization to use each of these films with the accompanying online user facilitation guide and advocacy toolkit to further your organization’s goal of developing thriving communities and productive lives of dignity.

NOWHERE TO GO – Reentry Housing
No Where to Go highlights the need for, and barriers to safe, stable housing. Through testimonies of impassioned advocates and previously incarcerated individuals, this video presents the options of housing including streets, shelters, transitional living facilities, family homes, and permanent supportive housing. As formally incarcerated people are often challenged by issues of addiction, mental health, and violence, the type of housing available to a person drastically impacts their ability to successfully re-enter society and realize their full potential. No Where To Go provides urgent and critical insight into how we can provide the best supportive structure possible to ensure their success. Directed and produced for American Friends Service Committee by Voices of Hope Productions. Outstanding Video Winner, 2010 Jam Video Festival, Alliance for Community Media, Mid-Atlantic Region.

Healing Justice: Transformed Lives gives voice to a remarkable group of formerly incarcerated men and women who have overcome extreme adversity and successfully turned their lives around upon release from prison. Many of the individuals interviewed wrestled with drug addiction, homelessness, and recidivism. Now they are advocates and role models, helping others make the difficult transition from prison to the outside world. Their stories provide a road map to others struggling to reintegrate, and as a guide to their friends, families, and allies wishing to provide critical assistance. As dire as life after prison can be, the women and men in Healing Justice: Transformed Lives offer hope and a glimpse of a better future for all those making this journey. Directed and produced for American Friends Service Committee by Voices of Hope Productions.


A Failed System provides a straight-forward introduction to the multiple obstacles many formerly incarcerated individuals encounter after paying their debt to society, and addresses unjust practices that make it impossible for them to become productive citizens, which causes a revolving door of incarceration. The film also documents two grassroots advocacy events illustrating how courageous individuals and policy makers can come together to make logical and compelling arguments for changing policy. Together, smart economic solutions and enhanced public safety will help diminish high recidivism rates in the state.

The Re-entry Film Series screening guide and toolkit offers tips and guidelines for advocates to host a screening of the videos in order to educate, advocate, and mobilize around reentry issues in their communities. A press kit and survey questions are also included.




Please consider providing a link to the films on your website, Facebook, twitter, or linked-in. Contact us to help facilitate the link exchange so that more people can be educated about the issues of reentry.

To learn how to use these short films in your community please call 732.530.2846