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About Social Issue Campaigns

Voices of Hope Productions has diverse experience producing award-winning marketing communications and advertising for Fortune 500 corporations and non-profit organizations, providing a full range of unique and effective social marketing, advertising, video production services and grassroots outreach materials.

Social Marketing is the planning and implementation of marketing programs designed to bring about social change using concepts from commercial marketing. The ultimate objective is to influence social change.

Cause Marketing is a marketing strategy that links purchasing a product, idea, or service with fundraising for a worthwhile charity, project, or cause. In a recent report by Cone, Inc., nearly nine out of 10 Americans believe that corporations and nonprofits should work together to raise awareness and funding for charitable causes. Moreover, 79 percent of respondents indicated that if they heard about a corporation-nonprofit partnership they would buy a product that supports the charity, 76 percent would tell a friend about it, and 70 percent would give money to the charity.

Issue Advertising When advocates of issue advertising are asked why they choose to advertise they usually say: to encourage supporters, set agendas, define frames, keep organizations in mind, generate free media, and balance a biased press. They tend not to mention persuading members on specific issues or passing specific pieces of legislation. At the top of the list of goals for many issue advertisers is setting an agenda and raising an issue. This is a critical component of the legislative process that needs to take place before there is a bill to lobby for or against. Read more

Voices of Hope Productions will help you:

• Develop effective and unique print and broadcast communication strategies
• Develop compelling video productions, short documentaries and PSAs
• Develop a full range of social marketing tools and advocacy materials
• Provide website content development, strategic e-marketing, and e-advocacy consultations

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